What story do you want to live?



I help brands and organizations to create

positive impacts.

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I help you develop your reputation, value your uniqueness, express your vision and your beliefs in order to write and design what makes you today what you will be tomorrow.

For all professionals who want to create the artistic line of their digital content and be helped in the design of inspiring stories in order to build real connections with their community.

(Writing and design of your communication campaigns : websites, blog, social media).


I help you define your origins, needs, dreams and targets to truly embody your values, enhance the sensitivity, be receptive to clients, and create an identity that carries sustainable impact.

For all professionals who want to build communication strategies, graphic identities and editorial lines that feel like them. Let's share your vision with the rest of the world and co-create real sustainable impacts.

(Conceptualisation and development of your graphic and editorial identities : Wording, graphic guidelines)

As a member of The Great Village community, I am passionate and committed to each of my adventures with a positive and collaborative mindset!

For me, it's no longer about selling, convincing and competing, but about engaging, valuing and supporting each other...

To co-create positive impacts, build sustainable communities and protect the world from wasting prime environmental resources and harming humanity.


Thanks for

your trust

"Thank you Pauline for your work and your reactivity. I admire your professionalism and your creativity. I look forward to working together again on beautiful projects.

Camille Goy

Programme Manager at Foncière JAGUAR